We all have an idea of who we want to be in our minds, what our ideal life would be! The person we’d be if we had this job, lived in that city, or had those friends.

What is stopping us from being that person, nothing but ourselves. We are our only limitation. I truly believe that we only go after things that we know we can have. For instance, when applying for a job instead of applying for supervisor position because we are too afraid you apply for an associate position and then wish that you were a supervisor.

Why do we allow self doubt to take us out of the game before it even starts? If the person you want to be is beyond that scary thing then go for it! How can we ever become who we want to be if we never try?

Ok so you look over the qualifications and you don’t necessarily meet them all, and you convince yourself they will never call you back for that position. Did you ever stop to think maybe for a moment they will.

That ideal life that you have cooked up in your mind is waiting on you. The person you want to be is standing there waiting arms crossed tapping their fingers patiently waiting, on you to stop playing small! Get out there and make your dreams reality! Until next time remember to do all things with love xoxo

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