Wearing a smile!

One Day last week I woke up to a Facebook post of an old friend stating that she tried to commit suicide. Immediately everyone began to encourage her telling her to hold on and the she matters has a purpose and is needed. Check on your friends and family. People wear smiles every single day and they may be hurting inside.

As black people most of us were raised with the teaching “oh i don’t need help”, “counseling is for white people”, or “ i don’t need anyone in my business”. Sometimes you have to reach out to people for help. Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you cannot call on your friends to help you when you are in need why do they have the privilege to be in your life?

We were not created to live our lives alone, in some way form or fashion we have to depend on one another to survive. If you are feeling some type of way and need someone to talk to reach out to a friend someone you can trust to listen and not judge you, we all need that sometimes there is nothing wrong with seeking help. If you do not want to talk to a friend from fear of them sharing your business find a professional there are programs that will offer counseling services for free or cheap. Talk to someone.

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