People always say to me, “you’re so patient”. But they have no idea of the battle I’m fighting inside!! I am completely impatient, I suppose I just face it well. I’m impatient knowing what I want out of life. I’m impatient knowing that I am not there yet, and it gets frustrating. Starting in 2012 I started seeing this post, “you can’t rush something you want to last forever”, and the impatient me said “that’s crazy!”. I was thinking well the sooner it gets here the sooner I can enjoy it! The sooner I enjoy it the happier I’ll be! But how can you enjoy something that you aren’t ready for!? You can’t! I have a friend when we first met she cooked everything on high! I would ask her why did she cook on high, her response was because she didn’t want to wait. One day she called me and said “I just want you to know that I cooked in medium and I was starving, but it was good!” To me that represents daily life.. so quickly we want to get through it to get to the next day and the next weekend instead of savoring the little moments. When we rush things they seem great until they aren’t. Being patient breeds quality, value, and appreciation. The quality of something alone ensures that it will last. Quality indicates that it was created with love and patience. The things we value we take extra care of in an effort for it to keep its value. Appreciation by definition is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. When we appreciate things we enjoy them a little better.

Therefore in life we must practice patience. Patience with our circumstances, our loved ones, and most importantly ourselves because is the understanding of growth and value.

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