Love Yourself First

I’ve heard people say that they hate this part about their self or that part. Every time I hear things like that I get a little sad. We have all heard the saying we teach people how to love us. 
If we pick and choose what parts of ourselves that we love then others will do the same. We have to learn to love every inch of ourselves from the top to the bottom, front to back! EVERY SINGLE PART!
Everyone, even those who won’t admit it want to be loved in their entirety as they are in their most natural state. People want to be loved unconditionally through the good the bad and the ugly, so we must first love ourselves in that way.
It is easy to pick apart the smallest things that we do not like because we are our own worst critics. We see parts of ourselves as imperfect as if anyone is perfect. We can all sit and tear ourselves apart piece by piece but what good would that do? Then we would all walk around feeling unlovable and question every person who ever claimed to love us. 
People will tell you that you are full of yourself, arrogant, or conceited but in reality that’s what you should be, as long as you aren’t a jerk. Who will love you like you do? Who will love you when no one else feels the need? Who will look at you and tell you that you are IT!?! If you do not first love yourself and tell yourself these things how can you teach anyone else to appreciate these things about you? Love starts within oneself. 
Tonight before you go to bed tell yourself that you love you, every part of you! It all begins with you! Do all things with love. Xoxo

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