Self-Care is None Negotiable! 

Self care is very important. I’m so happy that it is becoming a mainstream topic since mental health has been so “taboo”. But, self care isn’t just about doing things that you love. 
Self care includes showing up for yourself and committing to yourself, making good decisions, and being able to check yourself when you are wrong.
Self care isn’t always as glamorous as being pampered, it often requires us to do the inside work. We have to stop and examine ourselves, doing a mental checklist of where we are and where we are going.
It’s easy to say “I’m going to start going to the gym”, “I’m going to eat better”, or “I’m going to start my own business”, the work is in starting and committing. Showing up for yourself is making a decision to move ahead no matter what. It’s deciding that you are going to do something and doing it with everything in you, that is self care! 
Think about all of the things you said you wanted to do, but never did… when you think of them you may find yourself a tad bit disappointed. My former coach and life purpose cheerleader, Amber Valdez, always says “people who are not doing what makes them happy will grow into grumpy unhappy people”. Something so simple as volunteering at your favorite charity can be an act of self care because it fills your heart! No one is perfect, we all make mistakes but recognizing that mistake and choosing to correct it is an act of self care. A lot of us wallow in disappointment after making a bad decision, bringing us down even further, but if we acknowledge what we did wrong and do our very best not to do it again that is an act of self care.
Self care is an act of self love and you cannot pour from an empty cup. This week take the time to do something you’ve been putting off, examine yourself and how your decisions affect you! Remember to do these acts and all things with love! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Self-Care is None Negotiable! ”

  1. Hey There, I practice self care by speaking positively to myself! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found myself in many situations when speaking negative about myself to myself is just easier because of a mistake or poor decision but, I’ve learned to instantly acknoweldge what I did wrong, and then “throw it away!” After admitting that it was a negative decision or mistake I focus on what I can do differently next time, remember the positive things that did happen that day and get excited about the new start that I have everyday! I love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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