Forgiveness isn’t always easy!

Forgiveness isn’t always easy but it is always necessary. People often believe that forgiveness means that they have to allow that person into their life, when that isn’t the case. 

Forgiveness is the act of acknowledging what happened and moving forward… not harboring anger or hatred. It does not mean forgetting the past, approving of. Things that happen to you in life are just that what matters is how you respond! You can either rise in glory knowing that you will be better than ever or you can be sad and wallow in the pain and hurt.

I was watching a tv show where a young man’s father had been an abusive alcoholic who eventually abandoned him and his mother. The father wanted to meet with the son to apologize and clear his conscience. They met for lunch and the son snapped. Told him that he hated him and how he would do this and that to him. Clearly he met that situation with no love. I was kind of sad!
It is easy to be angry and hate a parent for leaving you, trust me I know, but what does that get you? Does being hurt justify hurting someone else? After tearing someone down do you feel better? If the answer is no then use that opportunity to practice love, even if from a distance. See the situation for what it is and be thankful for the experience. 
There is always that what if factor but we cannot live in that. People make the decisions that best suit them for that time period in their life whether it is beneficial to you or not. Just like you at any given time you are doing your best, making the best decisions with the knowledge and experience that you currently have. Unless you’ve lived a perfect life, I’m sure there are things that we would all do over if we had the opportunity, so extend that same love and compassion to others who hurt you, knowing that you do not have to give them another chance if you don’t want to. 
The things that once held you down will one day hold you up. Use your hurt to rise and make better decisions. Until next time meet all experiences and situations with love! xoxo 

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