Get into Your Power!

The same energy that causes the world to spin, makes the flowers bloom, and tells the sun to shine is the same energy that lives in you! That energy is what wakes you up in the morning.

Take the time to tap into that energy in whatever way pleases you. Whether it’s meditation, prayer, working out, whatever it may be! We have to always be connected to our power. We have to understand how powerful we really are. We let little things hold us back from doing great things! We spend too much time acknowledging all of the things that can go wrong instead of realizing the power that lives in us!

The flowers don’t say to one another, “you know a lot of people have allergies, let’s not bloom this year”. The sun doesn’t say “I’ve given a bunch of people skin problems over my days, maybe I should not come out”. We still need the plants to bloom and the sun to shine just like we need you!

Wake up every morning and be the very best version of yourself! show up because there is a force in you greater than words can explain! Know that you are powerful and have the ability to do anything you want!

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